Edible Public Space in Oakland

The Edible Parks Task Force (EPTF), a working group of comprised of Oakland CBOs (Community Based Organizations) and neighborhood residents, proposes to work with Office of Parks and Recreation (OPR) and Public Works Agency (PWA) to adopt and manage a city wide Edible Parks Community stewardship program.

The Edible Parks Task Force mission is to facilitate a process by which Oakland residents can access public park land for growing and sharing food. The Edible Parks Program supports Oakland residents in identifying and actualizing the type of food production and edible landscaping they deem appropriate for their respective community. As well, the program aims to create the space for residents to have a voice in shaping local policies and systems that will support growing food in an urban setting and make it accessible for all who desire to do so.

What is Edible Landscaping, and why in a park?

Edible landscaping is an approach to landscape design where exotic ornamentals are replaced with edible plants. This could incorporate perennial or annual plants, including herbs, fruit trees and vegetables.

As a public space, parks hold great opportunity to expand upon their role in providing both physical and mental health into food security, nutrition education and community stewardship. Many communities in Oakland do not have access to healthy food and others are not fully utilizing city parks for a variety of reasons.

Neighborhood children find snails in Dover's edible park

Neighborhood children find snails in Dover’s edible park